We are very much pleased to introduce our wall texture paintsOur valuable foreign customers. Since, Its establishment in 1983, saekyung has been producingA wide range of paint related products such as texturedPaint, artcoat, jolypate, stonecoat, marble, exterior insulation systems, For …

    Telephone:82-2-5473527Address:131-23 Nonhyun-Dong,


    ECO-LOGEN CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer specialized in Natural paints and natural floor coatings using raw materials Korea. We believe that people should live comfortable environment. tried to solve the problems like high construction cost, defective product low technical skills so, …

    Telephone:82-55-5219909Address:110, Myungriwolpyung-Gil, Gyesung-Myun

  • Samhwa Paints Co – Ltd

    Samhwa Paints, since its outlet on April9, 1946, has been developed into a world-calss paint company with lot of experience and accumulated technology. is making wide range products from DIY paints to architectural paints, heavy-duty coatings, marine special industrial coatings such as P. C. …

    Telephone:82-2742-1366Address:6f, CS Tower, 56-3 Sungsan-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea


    “Donghae Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. regards the environment as its top priority.”Since foundation in 1976, Donghae has challenged itself towards development of new technology epoxy paints and resin processing succeeded accumulating an abundance valuable information …

    Telephone:82-31-4984488Address:1351-2, Jungwang-dong

  • Amos Paints Co., Ltd.

    We are manufacturer of the marine paint,Mainly the Anti Fouling paint is very effective paint.

    Telephone:82-414-8513Address:# 541-18, Daejeu 2-dong,

  • Daon Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Daon Chemicals is a rapidly growing chemical company that combines the power of science and nanotechnology with “Human Element” to constantly improve what essential human progress. We have been serving needs our customers since foundation early 2000. Over past years, we always …

    Telephone:82-32-875-7901Address:Suite 104, # 87-31, Yonghyun4-dong


    Through the long history of R&D after establishment, we have found many kinds technology in printing, paints and relevant items. Most our are related to effect chrome finishing. Electro plating is being banned world-widely because environmental matter. Our equipment regarded as good …

    Telephone:82-2-2026-3432Address:1308, A-dong, Woolim-lionsvalley, 371-28

  • J-International

    We are trading for Agriculture LED lights, Radiant heat coating paint, Cermic Heat sink, Nano coated Flexible sink and Squid Liver Oil exporter company. Do not hesitate ask. ( J-International Corp. ) Homepage: http://www.j-international.comOffice & Fax: + 82 + 61 665-4769Mobile: …

    Telephone:82-61-6654769Address:( J-International) 2f, 147-9, Seokyo-Dong, Yeosu-SI, Chollanam-Do, 550-130, Korea

  • Bestech Co., LTD

    We, Bestech Co., LTD, is one of leading manufacturer who makes vacuum brazed diamond tools in Korea. with our accumulated technique new high tech brazing, we produce many kinds concept segment and tools. Especially RCD ( reinforced compound diamond) world best innovation the grain. The purpose …

    Telephone:82-70-88255736Address:# 42-526 Ihyun-Dong


    Yoolim Special Chemical. Co., Ltd. WooJoo paint was established in Aug, 1988, with leadership managment and the sprit of environmental protection base we are growing, prospering as a market leader U.V coating field through stable organization high techical innovation. Caompared to great …

    Telephone:82-031-3544291Address:386-2, Oil-Ri, Jungnam-Myun

  • Seung Kwang Corp.

    We are specialized to source building materials for market distribution and / or housing project such as wooden door, window their frame, furniture etc. have a regular suppliers from Indonesia china, Malaysia the said items we customers in Korea. We hope supply other under our long term …

    Telephone:82-51-5564950Address:2-5, Suan-Dong

  • Steelplus Corporation

    STEELPLUS Corporation is a Korean-based international trading company which has demonstrated its skill and stability through over twenty years of handling steel products. The company’s wide experience in the import export industrial raw materials been built maintained by meticulous …

    Telephone:82-2-62757572Address:1304, Byuck San Digital Valley 9, 5-Ga, Mul Lae-Dong, Yeong Deung Po-gu

  • Karpoly Paint Group

    Founded in 1993, located with a 150,000 square meters base, is high-tech enterprise involved the manufacture and distribution of wide range paint coatings. Nowadays, Karpoly has become one leading companies coatings industry . …

    Telephone:82-237-058565Address:6th floor, Hansan building, 47-2 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu


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